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Residential home complex "Silver Pine Forest" are the basis for planning decisions, similar to the previously built houses now. The proposed lay-established itself with the best side in the eyes of the citizens and for many years the apartment enjoys high consumer demand.

Unlike apartments in "Silver Forest" - is to increase the area of ​​bathrooms and kitchens that will surely appreciate the future owners.

Location of the residential complex in one of the cleanest places in the city is a huge advantage, and the ideology of "Silver Pine Forest".


The history of the unique location of the residential complex "Silver Pine Forest".
Based on the fact that the territory of the future residential complex will be preserved and left protective structures built even if the Japanese, we can safely say that this is a unique place has attracted the attention of people and spent a period Karafuto.

In the second half of the XX century, the USSR Ministry of Health has chosen this place to build a sanatorium called "Miner", where the miners gathered from all over the Soviet Union to treat acquired in mountain faces lung disease. The uniqueness of a relatively small plot of land is that age-old coniferous trees - spruce, fir and pine trees on one side and the sea healthy air coming through the gorge Susunai ridge from the coast of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk, on the other hand, formed not just eco-friendly oasis, a truly healing atmosphere in this wonderful place. Which, in this case, it is located in the city, but it is out of reach for the height of urban smog.

The project is expected to retain a significant portion of the forest within the boundaries of the complex, which is directly connected with the name of an apartment block.


"Mega Group" today - another breakthrough in the development of the company
Acting as an investor, customer and general contractor, the company provides a full cycle of works from design to delivery of houses in operation. The priority direction of the company - integrated development. Currently, the "Mega Group" is building three residential buildings with a total area of ​​approximately 11 thousand square meters. All the houses are built on modern technologies, meet the requirements of the regulations on safety and environmental performance. The area of ​​the complex is 3.5 hectares. It takes a significant portion of the age-old pine forest. The company guarantees its safety and eliminates the possibility of development in the long term seal.


"Mega Group" follows the principle of openness to the buyers of their property.
On the construction site of a web camera that allow customers around the clock to monitor the progress of the construction site. The company's management regularly meets with the buyers of apartments to discuss their questions.

The official website provides all the information useful for buyers. Multiple payment options, mortgage - make the purchase of housing the most affordable and convenient, and thanks to the cooperation with the largest banks, you can buy an apartment in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk in the loan with minimal interest rates.

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